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Who Are These (sexy) People?

Chained Hearts Publishing was founded on the idea that we are stronger working together. We know that authors just want to write, and many authors don't have the time or desire to create a large catalog of erotica.

It's one thing to write a hot story. It takes a very different skill set to get people to read it. The secret to sales is in cover design, keyword research, and having a large catalog. This makes it tough for most authors to make real money from their erotic stories, and much of the best erotic writing goes undiscovered.

We are writers ourselves. We understand that you probably just want to write and get your work out to people who will enjoy it. We do our best to make certain that our authors get a fair share of revenue and their stories are treated with respect.

We take pride in offering the highest quality erotica, erotic romance, and other adult content.



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For questions, you can contact us via email or on social media. For submissions, please use the submissions page in the navigation menu at the top of the site. Thank you for your interest.

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If you have questions, want to learn more, or need to connect with other people who share your unique desires, FetLife is an incredible resource. The best place to find kindred spirits who understand you and can offer helpful advice on how to enjoy your kinks in a safe, sane, and consensual way. It's a wonderful community and joining is free.

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