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At Chained Hearts, we help authors sell books and stories that might otherwise languish on a hard drive. Many authors don't want to publish erotica under their own name. This means they can't promote it with their usual social media accounts or website, and traditional publishers usually won't be of any use. this presents a unique challenge to erotica authors. Typically only those who want to handle their own marketing and publication will succeed. But most authors don't want to do that work, they just want to write.


We can help. We handle everything from cover design and ebook creation to promotions and sales. We choose the very best erotica, and publish it in electronic format, handling everything along the way as a traditional publisher would. We edit the work, prepare it for publication, and get the word out to the people who want to read it.

The best part of our business model is that most erotica is purchased through an e-reader like the Kindle, so we don't have to print books. This keeps our expenses low and we can give our authors a generous split of the revenue.

For works of less than five thousand words, we usually just purchase the first time publishing rights and include the story in a compilation of similar work. For pieces that are larger, we split the revenue with the author 50/50. This comes as a shock to many of our authors who are used to traditional publishing deals where they get less than a dollar when a book is sold for twenty dollars or more. Because of our expenses, this means that you make more money than we do. Which is fine by us. Because you wrote it!

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