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Editing & Proofreading

We are not only experienced writers and editors, we are very familiar with the world of erotica and erotic romance. The difference between a good book and a great one is the difference between getting a few sales and quitting your job to write full time. The good news is that most of the work in erotic genres is badly written with miserable production values, so investing in work that is well written and features a good cover design is very likely to pay off.

The money is all at the top. The top 100 books in erotica and erotic romance make a lot of money. And if you want your book to make it onto those Amazon Best Seller Rankings, you'll need a really solid product.

That's where we come in. We know what kind of writing gets good reviews, generates sales, and encourages customers to come back for more. If your work is good enough, customers will buy up everything in your catalog.

We offer three basic services. If you would like to send us your manuscript, we can advise you on which will be best suited to your work and give you a quote. We don't charge hourly like some editors do. We've been doing this a long time, and we know how long your book will take, so we quote you a flat fee. If it takes longer than we expected, that's on us. You will never be billed more than our quote unless you have specifically authorized more work.

Basic Proof Reading

This is the simplest form of editing. We will read your work with a critical eye, highlighting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as significant readability errors. We will also offer a basic critique and thoughts on how to improve your work in more general terms. If you have already put a lot of work into your final draft, and just want to make sure it's ready for publication, this is probably the service you need.

A full length work of around 100,000 words will usually come in at around $1,000. This rate of approximately $1 per hundred words may be higher for shorter works.

We may reject some books from this plan if they need more than basic proofreading. There is no point in getting the punctuation correct in a sentence that needs to be rewritten, and we don't want to waste your money.

Critique and Advise

We can look at anything from a first draft to a book that is nearly ready to be published in the critique and advise package. We don't correct individual errors in this process, though we will definitely pull out some sentences and rewrite them to use as examples. This service is very valuable for aspiring authors and self-published authors who want to increase their sales.

Pricing for this package is $50 plus $6 for every thousand words. This includes an overall critique of stories, plot lines, character development, grammar and punctuation. We will recommend stylistic changes and word use, and often include suggested corrections to specific sentences or paragraphs that can help tighten up your work and keep the story moving forward.

Line Editing

While this is not a full rewrite of your book, it does include a complete work up and changes suggested for all problems. We will edit your work in Microsoft Word with Track Changes turned on so that you can see what we've done and decide whether to keep the edits we suggest.

Our line editing process is intensive and detailed. If your book is strong in terms of plot and character development, then a line edit will get it ready for publication. This service is only recommended for works that have at least a completed second draft. 

If your book is "pretty good" and you want it to be great, a line edit should do the trick. Because this is a very comprehensive service, the fee is $3 per 100 words. Our team will need to review your manuscript to make sure that it is ready for line editing. Less polished works that will require extensive rewriting will be quoted individually rather than at the standard line edit pricing.

Design & Formatting

We know that the words are the important part. At least to you, the author. But no one will read those words if your book isn't formatted well or has a weak cover. Our team knows the ins and outs (lol) of book design and has created hundreds of ebooks and book covers. If your book isn't selling as well as you think it should, it may be that it just isn't catching the eye of your target audience and all that work you put into writing it is going to waste.

Cover Design

Your cover is a huge factor in your book sales. A great cover won't guarantee sales, but a bad cover will guarantee a flop. We've studied this extensively in the world of erotica. We know what sells. Looking professional is important, but there are many other factors that catch a customer's eye and get them to click on your book to learn more about it.

We design covers for ebooks at 6x9 and 300 dpi, suitable for any ebook retailer. We include two revisions in our cover design services if you would like some small changes made. covers are delivered as .jpg and .png files and we save the project in case the cover needs to be updated later to include new information like awards or best seller status, and we can add those things and send you a new file for a nominal fee.

We also have access to an extensive library of photos and vector files and you will have full rights to use any materials we use for your book covers to create promotional materials for the book.

Our standard cover design package is $250 including the two revisions and the files including the list of fonts and colors used. We do not include .psd files or .ai files as we don't use those products for our cover designs. We will include everything you need to rebuild the cover and make changes on your own using your choice of editor if you so desire.


While there are many good tools available for you to format your book and upload it to your favorite ebook retailer, doing this on your own can lead to odd formatting issues and an unprofessional book. Some people learn this on their own, it's not terribly complicated, but for a really professional look many authors choose to have us format their books. This yields a perfect manuscript that you will receive in every major format including .pdf, .epub, .mobi, and .azw.

Front and back matter, chapter headings, and all other reference material will be formatted according to industry best practices. This guarantees a smooth reading experience and better book reviews. Cost for formatting a book is $150, but some books with extra complications like extensive liner notes, bibliographies, footnotes or citations may be quoted higher.

Other Services

If it involves writing, selling, or creating an erotic ebook, we can probably help. For other services like promotion, marketing, and market research, please feel free to contact us for a quote. If we can't help, we'll be happy to give you some ideas about who can. 

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