Every month we will be hosting a contest with a different theme. If this month's contest isn't right for you, bookmark the page and keep coming back, we'll run something that works for you soon. Contests will be posted below with submission guidelines and prize info. Even if you don't win, we may offer to put your story into one of our compilations.

Being one of our authors can be a serious boost for an erotica writer's income. We know how to get sales on both Kindle and a wider publication platform and we handle everything from editing to cover design. We also offer our authors a much more generous split of revenue than traditional publishers. So give us your best work and check it again before you send it. We want to publish the world's finest erotica.

June Contest

The Bondage Billionaire

1st Place Up To $150 - 2nd Place Up to $100 - 3rd Place Up To $50

Further entries, at our discretion, will be paid as honorable mentions and paid $25. All winners will be included in the compilation. See complete rules for details.

All places are initially paid $25. For every retweet THIS TWEET receives We will add $1 to each of the top three places up to the maximums listed above. Get those retweets out there and make us pay!

Let's start this off with a bang. BDSM Billionaire erotica, riding the incredible surge provided by books like Fifty Shades of Gray, has become the biggest selling erotica category on most e-book retailers. We want to create a compilation of some great stories in this genre to showcase how good it can be.

We want stories about rich, handsome, powerful men, and the women who are swept off their feet by them. Women who are happy to give up control to such an incredible man. Give your unique take on this kind of relationship and make it steamy! 

We are also looking for new authors. If your work is chosen, you may be asked to submit further stories or full length works for publication as part of our revenue split program. This program can be quite lucrative and is generally reserved for established authors. Becoming a part of our revenue split program can lead to a significant side income or even a full-time writing career.

There are a few caveats...

No fan fiction. We know it's hot. But we can't publish it, so fanfic is out.

The characters and the story must be all original content that has not been published previously.

Write something better than Fifty Shades. I think we're all aware that whether you love or hate the subject matter, the quality of the writing itself was less than spectacular.

Keep it reasonable. Wild sex is great. Rape, extreme coercion, and stalking are not. Most major e-book retailers won't publish that kind of thing anyway. Your male character gets what he wants because she can't resist him and he's so damn good looking and charming, not because he can force it on her. This category works because the power dynamic is very strong, but everyone makes their own choices.

Keep your stories between 1,500 and 10,000 words. We are happy to accept submissions of longer and shorter work through our submissions page, but for a compilation we want to keep it within those parameters. 

Send submissions to submissions@chainedhearts.com. Winners will be announced in the first week of July. We expect a ton of strong entries, so your story may be chosen to be part of the compilation even if it isn't a winner. submissions should be in .doc or .docx format and easily readable. We recommend Courier New font, double spaced lines, and indented paragraphs.

Complete Contest Rules (please read these!)

By submitting a story to this contest you attest that the entirety of the work you submit is owned by you and no one else. All characters and writing is original and no one else has the rights to publish it.

You also agree that if your work is chosen as a winner, you grant us electronic and audio publishing rights with exclusivity for 12 months as part of a compilation and the right to continue to publish the work indefinitely as part of that compilation (we don't want to have to pull a book off the virtual shelves after 12 months but you can start selling it other places after that time if you like). We only have the right to publish your story if it is chosen as a winner and you have been paid. We won't own your story, now will we have rights to publish it outside of that compilation except for the winners which we may publish excerpts from on our website.

You also agree that if we choose to make an audio book from the compilation, you will grant us the rights to publish your work as part of the same compilation with exclusivity as audio for twelve months and the right to continue to publish it as part of that audio compilation indefinitely.

You are also granting us license to edit and make changes to the story as we see necessary for publication. This usually involves minor changes for clarity, grammar and punctuation.

If your story is chosen, you will receive a minimum payment of $25 for the publishing rights mentioned above. You must have a valid Paypal account to accept payment.

If there is any dispute, both parties agree to binding mediation by a mediator licensed in the State of Nevada via digital conferencing. Let's keep expenses down. We don't want to spend money on lawyers any more than you do and we don't anticipate this ever being a problem anyway.

Submission of a story indicates acceptance of these terms.

Decisions of our judges will be final.

This contest is void where prohibited by law.

Contestants can submit a maximum of two entries.

These terms are not final until June 1st, 2020 and are subject to change until that date.

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