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June Contest Results

We had six viable entries for our Bondage Billionaire contest in June. With 21 retweets of the original contest tweet, we ended up paying out a lot less money than we expected. Hopefully the erotica authors of twitter will make us pay more next month! The choices were tough, but we think we got it right.

First Place ($42) - The Rich Man's Maid by Dakota Fox

We figured we were getting a winner when we saw Dakota's name in our inbox. We've already signed her for a series that will have at least five books. The first three of those books have been written and the first will be released in the next week or two, and they are some of the hottest and most well crafted erotica we have read.

The Rich Man's Maid tells a smoking hot story of a cleaning lady who is obsessed with her employer and the lengths she will go to just for a chance to belong to him. It's rare to see a believable story where a submissive gives themselves up so completely. The story is superbly crafted as is everything else we have seen from her.

Second Place ($42) - Island Life by Kiki Stevens

Kiki Stevens has never written erotica before. She is a friend of one of our owners and decided to give the contest a shot. We're so glad she did. Island Life is a fun story set on Kiki's home island of Oahu and tells a much richer tale than the typical cold and hard billionaire who whips an awkward younger woman in his business suit. Rich characters and a beautiful setting make this one a ton of fun.

Third Place ($42) - Welcome Home by Eve Temple

Welcome Home is the ultimate billionaire experience. From the expensive shoes to the entitled and demanding behavior of the man in charge, every second of this story oozes power. If you wanted to sleep with (or become) Christian Bale in American Psycho, or you just wish Fifty Shades was more well written and more extreme, this story will knock your socks off.

Honorable Mention ($25) - A Binding Contract by Jordan Monroe

The ultimate power plays take place in Washington DC and Jordan Monroe crafted a story that captures life on the beltway nicely. We love that this story breaks conventions about who is in charge and when. The ending gives the story a real humanity and we love everything about it.

Honorable Mention ($25) - Old Money by Kelly Kane

We've worked with Kelly before and will be publishing one of her short stories in the next few weeks. While her work usually features rough sex and rough people, the refined characters she gave us in Old Money were refreshing. We love a story about a submissive who engineers their own loss of power. Subs aren't just people who don't have power, they are people who choose to give it up, and that is clear in this excellent short story.

Honorable Mention ($25) - The Runner by Christian Vale The runner is an interesting approach to erotica and power games. A beautiful stalker gradually form a friendship a wealthy tech mogul on his morning runs through the park. She knows that he loves to have power over women and she eventually makes him an offer that will be tough to refuse. Christian is also a new erotica writer and we offered him a contract to continue this story and turn it into a book, which he happily accepted. Look for the full work to be available in a few months as a Chained Hearts Publication. Congratulations Christian!

The compilation Is Coming

We will be releasing the stories as a compilation called Wealth and Power within a week or two. The cover is below. Please see our July contest as well at https://www.chainedhearts.com/contest and be a featured author in our next compilation!

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