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Spoken Words - A Unique Collaboration

As a new business, we are always looking for friends in the industry. A few weeks ago we met the owner of Silver Tongue Studio on twitter and she offered to narrate the winner of our Erotic Story in a Tweet contest. This is exactly the kind of friend we need!

We checked out her reel and were impressed by her voice. Great sound quality, crisp pronunciation, and super sexy. So we thought maybe a collaboration to give away would be fun. And that voice was inspiring. So we wrote a story for her to narrate.

Working with such a sexy voice inspired us to write something about a narrator and an erotica writer. Write what you know right? The finished product is wonderfully narrated and came out great. And it's available for you here for free. As the credits note, you are free to share this audio track on your own website or anywhere else you like as long as you share it in it's entirety.

The track is about 11 minutes long and is a message from the narrator to a writer who recently hired her. As a keepsake of their wild night together, she recounts the events of the events in the sultry tones he loves so much.

Click HERE to listen to Spoken Words on SoundCloud

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