Now accepting submissions in all genres*

We want to read your story. But we have a few requests. Please send a quick synopsis and the complete work to as a Word Doc. Please format with indented paragraphs and in Courier font. Running your work through a product like Grammarly, and/or giving it a little extra editing love, will increase the chance of your work being published. We do edit the work we publish, but we can't afford to spend all day doing it.

We don't kink shame here. But there are things we aren't interested in. We won't publish anything with extreme sexual violence, sex involving minors, or works that are clearly illegal. Be aware that most stories that involve anything even close to the edge of these things will be relegated to "the dungeon" by Amazon and will see few, if any, sales. 

If you have questions about whether we would be interested in publishing your story, feel free to email us and we will be happy to clarify things for you.

*LoL "submission"

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